LEGO® Indiana Jones™

LEGO® Indiana Jones™ 1.1

LEGO Indiana Jones brings the movie franchise into the LEGO universe

LEGO Indiana Jones brings the movie franchise into the LEGO universe. Don't let the looks of this game fool you, there is a lot more than LEGO-created characters and environments to it. This game divides the three Indiana Jones movies into 6 chapters each, so it is like playing through the movies all over again. The graphics are nice, but lets keep in mind that it is LEGOs we are seeing all over the screen. The game is all about solving mind-numbing puzzles and problems, which makes it fun and challenging. Just like it happened with LEGO Star Wars, the Indiana Jones game is terribly fun to play. You actively have to interact with the characters that are around you to solve puzzles and beat the levels. As you might expect, there is some LEGO building in the game, too. At one part in the game, you have to look for several car parts to getaway with your friends. The completed product is a LEGO truck that you use to drive into your enemies or just to cruise around. All in all, if you are not someone who only plays games because of really neat graphics and are only looking for some harmless fun, LEGO Indiana Jones delivers just that for people of all ages.

José Fernández
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