LEGO® Indiana Jones™

LEGO® Indiana Jones™ 1.0

Lego Indiana Jones is a video game based on the first three Indiana Jones films
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Once upon a time there was a line of Lego toys based on Star Wars movies, which, by joining LucasArts, gave birth to a style of game which resulted in a commercial success. Lego Star Wars was loved for its humor and gameplay, and now the Legos descended from distant galaxies to recreate more earthly stories.
Who does not know Indiana Jones? Even the youngest, who may have not seen the trilogy, have in front of them the new film. Thanks to Traveller's Tales and LucasArts, whip in hand, Indy is back to wander in the world of video games. Following the model of Lego Star Wars, this title will go through the stories of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, and Last Crusade, while you get blocks together and solve the puzzles. Whether you like Professor Jones or not, you're a child or an adult, this new delivery promises satisfaction and entertainment.
Lego Indiana Jones is not much different from Lego Star Wars: it has various characters to unlock, puzzles to solve, mini-kits to collect, platform elements, simple combats, free games and an area to access the levels or the store (Barnett College). Each character has its own particular skills and specific difficulties, which you must handle in a practical way to solve the Puzzles or get the chests of each level. Lego Indiana Jones is an excellent way to relive the first three movies of the saga, with nostalgia, humor and entertainment quality.

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